The Music Can’t Be Stopped

Life As A Deaf Musician

An exert from the article I wrote :
 As a musician, I cannot remember a time that I did not feel sound coursing through every cell of my body. It has always been the innermost part of my being. I feel every tone vibrating within me. Singing brought me a joy that cannot easily be explained. It has to be felt. There is a profound need for expression. Continue reading The Music Can’t Be Stopped

Mandy Harvey : A Voice That Will Bring You To Tears

Today I stumbled on a video that stopped me dead in my tracks. A voice sang a simple song that touched me deep in my soul. Them I learned an amazing fact about this young woman, she is completely deaf. As anyone that knows me is already aware, I am hard of hearing musician as well. Like Mandy, most people do not know unless I tell them. She does not let that stand in the way of the music. The soul must be expressed. You cannot keep it bottled up. This young woman must be heard. The world needs to hear that voice. She will move you.
Sit back, grab a nice cup of tea, and enjoy her wonderful voice! Continue reading Mandy Harvey : A Voice That Will Bring You To Tears