Police Abuse Of Power

Here are some thoughts I had this morning after hearing of the police shooting last night. I know, which one?


First, this year was the SAFEST in recorded history of this country for police!

Second, they DO NOT have the right to KILL citizens. That is not what their job is! They are to Protect the community. We are the community. They are public servants paid with tax dollars.

Third, in recent years there has been a militarization of our police force. There is an “us vs. them” mentality that has led to an increase in aggression on the part of the police officers. Police are meant to DE-Escalate situations. Now, the officers are increasingly becoming the ones Escalating situations by their tone of voice and aggressive stances toward the citizens.

Fourth, there is this whole “Hero Worship” culture in the US that defend and justify every action any officer makes even when it is proven to be blatant abuses of power and criminal acts on the part of the officer. There is always the assumption of guilt on the part of victim. That is what they are VICTIMS, innocent citizens being killed wrongfully.

Fifth, there is a certain personality that is drawn to become a police officer. They typically are under educated and follow orders without question. That is exactly what the police forces WANT in an officer. That way they can mold them in any way they see fit and not have to worry about the officer questioning it. It is SYSTEMATIC. Along with this comes a whole sub-sect of officers with “God Complexes”. They are prone to abuses in all aspects of their lives. They tend toward aggression and frequently have multiple Use Of Force complaints before any incident that brings it to light.

Sixth, “The Blue Line” is a very real thing. They are coached in the language of writing reports. There are phrases they are instructed to use when any kind of incident happens. They routinely claim the person reached for THEIR weapon, reached for a weapon, and use words like “Resisting Arrest”. There is almost no consequences EVER for police involved shootings or Use Of Force. The people investigating them are the same people they work with every day, the Prosecutors, State’s Attorney, and Judges. They all cover each other’s asses! Again, it is the “us vs. them” mentality.



That is their job! They knew it when they went through training. Police officer is the 18th most dangerous job. Nowhere near the top of the list. Stop drinking the coolaid and wake up! Their job is to PROTECT THE COMMUNITY!



This does not happen in other countries. We have armed and trained them with militaristic tactics. We have the highest incarceration rate of non-violent offenders, and police killings!




This is a police officer that is speaking from her heart and people need to hear what she is saying.


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